New Aprilia RX and SX 125

Objavljeno: 06.03.2021

Aprilia SX and RX 125 are the latest heirs to Aprilia's outstanding history in off-road racing; a strong reputation built over the years, thanks to lightweight and high performance bikes, extremely fun to ride on everyday roads and on the most demanding off-road trails. The two entry-level bikes into the Aprilia world have now been revamped in design, features and engine, with the goal of providing greater riding satisfaction for the person gripping the handlebar.

As per tradition, SX and RX 125 share the same technical base, but they are characterised by a rather different connotation which caters to different passions: SX 125 is the supermotard from Aprilia intended for fun on the road and on the racing trails; RX 125 has more of an off-road connotation and it is ready to tackle any type of terrain. Both are dedicated to young and demanding riders, not only in terms of performance, but also when it comes to the style and safety of everyday riding.

The 17” wheels shod with sports tyres make Aprilia SX one of the most effective 125 bikes on road routes; quick and light, it provides bar-setting performance, thanks in part to its revamped engine with best-in-class performance. All complemented by a line inspired by the Aprilia motorcycles that marked a new trend in off-road design.

Aprilia RX is dedicated to off-road enthusiasts. The wheels, typical off-road sizes (21” at the front and 18” at the rear) are shod with knobby tyres and leave no doubts as to the RX's goals: rigour and absolute control on any terrain.


Aprilia was the first to introduce a unique and highly innovative design on basic motorcycles like the motard and enduro. SX are RX destined to leave a mark thanks to a style at the service of functionality. Great focus was placed on attention to the trim: The frame, as well as the engine, the swingarm, the wheels and the double-section aluminium handlebar are painted an attractive glossy black, whereas the fuel tank profile is new. The Rally Tribute colour scheme is also new, characterised by typical colours from Aprilia's off-road heritage. There is a compartment under the seat where the USB port can be mounted (one of the available accessories).

Confirming their commitment to building advanced motorcycles that are versatile and practical in everyday use, Aprilia has equipped the SX and RX with sophisticated, compact, modern and easy to read digital instruments; as well as offering more common functions. Its new features also boast the travel diary with the possibility of viewing top speed and two trip odometers showing the miles travelled during riding sessions.

The engine

On both models, the new engine at the top of the category in terms of performance makes its début. It is a liquid-cooled single-cylinder with four-valve timing, entirely revamped in the thermodynamics area, with a new head for the redesigned combustion chamber, new intake and exhaust ducts and a new iridium spark plug. The cam axles with more aggressive valve control are also new, as are the bucket tappets and the valve springs, whereas the entire intake line was redesigned and now has a brand new air filter. The throttle body is now located in a higher position in order to make the intake air flow to the head more direct. The exhaust line was entirely redesigned and has a new exhaust system featuring a new and more efficient catalysis system, as well as a new steel silencer, refined by the Aprilia logo. The torque curve is now even more robust and maximum power is developed at lower revs which, among other things, allows for lower fuel consumption, thanks in part to the more refined electronic management guaranteed by the new Marelli MIUG4 ECU. On the road, this translates into more responsive performance when the throttle is twisted, providing more fun in sport and easier handling in city commutes and off-road riding alike.

Chassis architecture

For impeccable safety, the Aprilia SX and RX boast advanced suspension and a class-beating brake system with ABS, offering extraordinary, perfectly controllable stopping power, greater safety and better efficiency. Aprilia is the first to introduce the Bosch ABS system with anti roll-over mode in this market segment, which acts on the front wheel, on one hand guaranteeing precision and total control in braking and, on the other, regulating rear-wheel lift in the hardest braking. The SX’s 300 mm front disc with double piston floating calliper is assisted by a 220 mm rear, also with floating calliper. The RX instead boasts two spectacular wave discs, 260 mm front and 220 mm rear, clearly reminiscent of the racing world.

The sturdy twin-tube steel frame is combined with an oversized suspension: the powerful 41 mm upside down telescopic fork offering wheel travel of 240 mm. At the rear end, the long swingarm optimises traction; the 210 mm wheel travel is ensured by a monoshock featuring progressive linkage.

Specialist motorcycles like the SX and RX also need high-level components, especially for the wheels, a key element for combining sturdiness and lightness. Aprilia RX uses prestigious spoked wheels with anodised black hubs. Aprilia SX also adopts spoked wheels, 17 inches in this case, with wide channel and generously sized sports tyres - 100/80-17" and 130/70-17" - to provide maximum grip in any conditions.

Aprilia RX 125 is available in the Silver Speedway colour scheme and the new Rally Tribute graphic variation, joined for the SX 125 by the aggressive Red Raceway colour scheme.