Moto Morini Milano Limited

Objavljeno: 07.08.2018

The Moto Morini Milano Limited Edition will be available in a limited number of only 30, which will be delivered by the end of October 2018, several months before the delivery of the production line bikes and will be specially equipped with: a plate with the limited edition number, an aluminum strip on the fuel tank, an artisan-made saddle with a stitched-on Moto Morini logo, bi-colour metalic paintwork, Rizoma mirrors and indicators made for Moto Morini, white wheel rims, motorcycle cover sheet, Moto Morini jacket, Moto Morini helmet.

The Moto Morini Milano Limited Edition is priced at€17,500, in line with what will be the top of the range Milano, which will go on sale from April 2019.