Ducati introduces new models 2016.

Objavljeno: 16.11.2015


Ducati enters the cruiser world and does so in its very own way, presenting a real cruiser but one that boasts the design, technicall content and performance that is typical of Ducati bikes.

The XDiavel is “low speed excitement”, where the relaxed low-speed riding is typical of the cruiser world, while the excitement and adrenalin of sports riding is unmistakeably Ducati.
The X in XDiavel represents precisely that: Two apparently different, distant worlds that come together in one unique bike, a synthesis in which both are complete, without compromise.
5.000, 60, 40.

Three numbers that sum up the XDiavel concept. 5000, the number of revs at which the engine supplies maximum torque; 60, the number of ergonomic riding position configurations; 40, the maximum lean angle in degrees.
Beautiful, powerful, sophisticated. The XDiavel hasthe latest evolutionary step to the Testastretta engine: the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262.
The increased displacement, combined with the use of the DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing) system, allows for incredibly full, but also fluid, torque distribution even at low speeds, while ensuring sports performance at full throttle.

In addition, the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 is extremely well designed.
The XDiavel is the first Ducati to use final belt drive.
The system has been developed for XDiavel in order to guarantee reliable and safe power transmission.
The benefits of the belt are silence, cleanliness, less maintenance and a fluid response when the throttle is twisted, as suits a Cruiser.

Hypermotard 939

The new Hypermotard 939 family utilizes a 4-valve engine with a water-cooled cylinder, featuring a bore x stroke of 94 mm x 67.5 mm designed to achieve a perfect balance between usability and performance: this is the new 937 cc Testastretta 11° engine which provides maximum power of 113 hp @ 9,000 rpm and torque of 97.9 Nm @ 7,500 rpm.

This new engine uses technical solutions which directly reflect Ducati's engineering know-how and have led to the creation of an extremely fluid and stable engine: the 11° valve overlap confirms the excellent results obtained in the Multistrada 1200 family and optimizes the exhaust and intake stages with consequent steady operation at medium and low speeds.
Targeted fuel injectors aim the jet of fuel directly at the hotter rear end of the intake valve so that all fuel is atomised; a secondary air system similar to that of the 1299 Panigale enables the engine's operation to be optimised thanks to the controlled flow of oxygen which reduces cyclical combustion dispersion, thus effectively eliminating unburnt fuel.

Ultimately, Ducati has managed to obtain a new engine that is extremely enjoyable, performs excellently and which can significantly limit emissions of unburnt fuel.
New Trellis frame
The Hypermotard 939 family of bikes is equipped with a tubular steel Trellis frame with 34 mm main section tubes, 25.5° rake, 104 mm trail and 30 mm offset, dimensions which allow steady and safe control without compromising the agility typical of this motorbike.
The frame connects into the seat rail and, as in the Multistrada 1200, includes an intermediate section in engineering polymer. A wide 70° steering angle allows great handling, while a wheel base starting at 1,485 mm maximises stability at high speeds.

Hypermotard 939 SP

Thrilling performance pushed to the edge. Set-up to hit the road as if it were a track.
Fully adjustable Öhlins suspension and Ducati Safety Pack including ABS and Traction Control. Lightweight and agile thanks to the forged Marchesini wheels.
The Hypermotard 939 SP brings its decidedly sporting temperament to the forefront, enhanced by an exclusive livery. Hypermotard 939 SP: a dose of pure adrenaline.

Hyperstrada 939

The new Hypermotard 939 family utilizes a 4-valve engine with a water-cooled cylinder, featuring a bore x stroke of 94 mm x 67.5 mm designed to achieve a perfect balance between usability and performance: this is the new 937 cc Testastretta 11° engine which provides maximum power of 113 hp @ 9,000 rpm and torque of 97.9 Nm @ 7,500 rpm.

The Hypermotard 939 family is equipped with the latest Bosch 9MP ABS, an integral part of the Ducati Safety Pack.
This unrivalled combination of safety and braking power provides shorter stopping distances and greater stability under braking.
The system integrates perfectly with the Riding Modes and has two operation levels.
Level 1, for Sport Riding Mode, ensures high braking performance with reduced anti lift-up control for sport use on the road. Level 2, for Touring and Urban Riding Modes, offers excellent stability on braking and maximum control over rear wheel lift.

Riders who wish to try out unassisted braking performance can disable the ABS from the instrument panel menu. The ABS will remain disabled at the next key-on and this setting can be stored for each Riding Mode.

Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak

Ready to take on the toughest challenge, the new Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak in racing livery boasts highperformance specifications including a fully adjustable Öhlins fork and premium quality TTX36 rear shock.
Ultralight carbon fibre componentry and the internationally homologated Ducati Performance by Termignonicarbon fibre silencer, enhance the motorcycle's competitive spirit.

Multistrada 1200 Enduro

The first Ducati designed to take you anywhere. Born to travel and to be unstoppable on any type of terrain, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro is able to stand up to the stresses and strains of off-road riding,but also on any road you can imagine. A real globetrotter, just like you.

Thanks to its 19" spoked front wheels and 17" rear wheels, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro is the perfect bike for long, adventurous trips. In addition to the classic Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tyres, 120/70 at the front and 170/60 at the rear.

With a 30 litre tank capacity, you can travel more than 450 km before having to refuel.
The engine of the Multistrada 1200 Enduro is the already known and highly appreciated 160 hp Ducati Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing) with EURO 4 homologation.
On the Multistrada Enduro the Ducati Riding Modes have been optimised for a more specific use.
The Full LED lights are equipped with Ducati Cornering Lights: a dedicated LED illuminates the road on corner entry.

959 Panigale

Every detail of the 959 Panigale is a tribute to the Ducati racing tradition.
A wider and more protective screen that ensures greater aerodynamic penetration, new air vents on the fairing and new rear-view mirrors complete the front fairing.

The new tail, divided into two sections, completes the design of the 959 Panigale, further enhanced by new details such as differently shaped footpegs, made from machined billet aluminium, for the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

The new 955 cc twin-cylinder, the first Euro 4 homologated Superquadro, boasts a new stroke value and many other interventions that have led to a higher torque curve and greater maximum power, now equal to 157 hp at 10,500 rpm.

Exceptionally fluid distribution redesigns the riding experience of the 959 Panigale, making it versatile and enjoyable even at low speeds.
With 107.4 Nm of torque at 9,000 rpm, this Superquadro is made even more enjoyable on both the road and the track.
Innovation that continues with Euro 4 homologation, ensuring that this engine, the beating heart of a superbike, is suited to any occasion.

The 959 Panigale is equipped with a slipper clutch to optimise high torque transmission during sports riding.
This mode stops the rear wheel from locking, thus preventing any subsequent loss of stability during aggressive down shifting.
The Corse experience combines with the technical solutions of the 955 Panigale to ensure maximum enjoyment on board this powerful superbike.