Aprilia RS 660 Concept

Objavljeno: 09.11.2018

Concept RS 660 is the first evolutionary step in a revamping aimed at expanding the Aprilia range under the sign of sportiness and performance for fun.

Cutting-edge aerodynamics research, premium technical content, advanced electronics and a new twin-cylinder engine: RS 660 redefines Aprilia values for a new generation of riders.

With the Concept RS 660, Aprilia researches a new concept of sportiness, defined by the ratio between exuberant but easy-to-manage engine performance, a frame and suspension par excellence and the light weight of the vehicle.

The Concept RS 660 is a possible response to the demand of new generations for fun bikes that are capable of thrilling on the road as well as on the occasional track day.

The Concept RS 660 interprets the concept of sportiness in accordance with extremely modern canons, the consequence of in depth technological research and the extremes of aerodynamic solutions that are unrestricted by any regulations.

The result is a product that is unique in its kind: a medium engine capacity twin-cylinder, attractive and accessible, that provides extremely high technological content, even higher than bikes in superior categories.

Therefore, RS 660 is a possible option for young riders coming up from smaller engine sizes, looking for a high level sport bike that can provide thrills and fun on a day to day basis on the road and ready to support the rider on the track too.